We are an engineering firm experienced in welding technology, procedures and failure analysis. Our engineering staff performs design analysis and weldment problem solving, ranging from joint analysis to procedure development and qualification, process and filler-metal selection, to non-conformance and Code compliant resolutions. We also perform failure analysis including fracture and fatigue and corrosion.

Our staff includes professional registered welding engineers, welding experts, and AWS certified welding inspectors (CWI). We take a hands-on and practical approach when assisting our clients with their welding problems. We make extensive use of three-dimensional finite element analysis to quantify residual welding stresses, and fatigue strength reduction due to lack of fusion, underpenetration, porosity inclusions and other imperfections.

Our problem solving method is to work with our clients' welders to identify problems with techniques and weld sequencing. We have extensive hands on welding experience, assisting our clients with process, position, joint configuration and weld sequencing - which can drastically reduce the cost of welding. Our talents and expertise cover a broad range of codes from AWS D1.1, AWS D1.5 to the numerous ASME codes.

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